Aircraft Ownership Without the Hassles!
Having MKC Aviation manage your aircraft allows you all the benefits of aircraft ownership with none of the time-consuming management responsibilities of a flight department. Our services can provide you with lower costs, greater efficiencies and safety, and fewer headaches because we lift the burden of administrative, operational and human resource-related issues that accompany aircraft operations. This allows you and your associates to focus on what you do best – taking care of company business.

MKC Aviation, LLC provides aircraft consulting services ranging from acquisition analysis (mission versus performance, pricing, finance, cash flow and tax impact, cost negotiation and delivery management) to ownership services including aircraft management, crew scheduling, flight planning and pilot services.

With over 70 years experience in aircraft operations, management and finance; MKC Aviation can handle all of your general aviation needs. Additionally, our management team has built solid long-term relationships with the top aviation industry suppliers and vendors. We will use these relationships to add significant value to your aviation operations.
 Our experience and expertise can also show you ways to not only own a business aircraft, but also reduce your cost of ownership by placing your aircraft on the certificate of an experienced and professional charter operation.

Put Our Experience to Work For You

Our dedicated team of management professionals has proven experience in managing aircraft and will oversee your aircraft daily. Our management team has extensive experience in operating a wide variety of aircraft and over 50 pilots flying private owners, charter missions and other specialized missions. From turbines to pistons, you can draw on our extensive experience to make your aircraft ownership easy and rewarding. We do this by providing exceptional customer service with a “consider it done” attitude. Every decision made regarding your aircraft puts your best interests first, without compromising safety. Nobody understands aircraft and crew management and scheduling better than us. Let us put our expertise to work for you!


Optional Revenue Stream

Your aircraft could be generating revenue when you are not using it. A leaseback agreement is an option that would allow Air Associates Charter Inc. to place your aircraft in its charter operation. This additional income can help offset some of your costs and make your aircraft an even more valuable company asset.


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