The Alpha Pilot™ Academy flight school has incorporated modern, full-motion flight simulators and cutting-edge flight training techniques to provide a fast track to the unforgettable experience of piloting an aircraft. Alpha Pilot Academy is the flight school at Air Associates. We have been in operation for over 15 years and have one facility the Kansas City area (Olathe, KS). Alpha Pilot Academy offers a comprehensive set of flight training programs from beginner to professional pilot. We have the Programs, the Instructors, and the Aircraft.

Alpha Pilot Academy is the flight school at Air Associates. Air Associates also provides comprehensive aircraft Maintenance, Charter Services, Pilot Services and Management Services.

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Browse through the months to see our flight students’ accomplishments.

May 2018
  • Zach Kreisler– Completed Private Pilot Check-ride
April 2018
  • Bryan Dexter – Completed Solo
  • Sam Cason – Completed Solo
  • David Goerz – Completed Solo
March 2018
  • Matthew Brokaw – Completed Solo
  • Rodney Hodges – Completed Pilot QuickStart
  • William “Sam” Cason – Completed Pilot QuickStart
  • Joseph Jerome – Private Pilot License
February 2018
  • Sean Molet – Completed Multi-Engine
  • James Steward – Completed Multi-Engine
  • Chris Nilges – Completed Pilot Quickstart
  • Steve Gill – Completed Private
  • Ethan Franseen – Completed Solo
  • Adrian Jackson  –  Completed Solo
January 2018
  • Evan Mudd – Completed Instrument
  • John Stiffin – Completed Pilot Quickstart
  • Joshua Turner – Completed Pilot Quickstart
December 2017
  • Jerl Reynolds – Completed Commercial
  • Bryan Dexter – Completed Pilot Quickstart
  • Thomas O’Neil – Completed Solo
  • Christopher Castro – Completed Instrument


Always Wanted to Learn How to Fly?

Learning to fly opens up over 12,000 airports and landing strips in the United States for you to visit. Learning to fly lets you travel farther and faster and lets you have more FUN getting there. This opens up a whole new world for you. Alpha Pilot Academy can help. We are a Cessna Pilot Center, a specially selected flight school that offers the highest level of top quality flight training, including:

• Private Pilot, Instrument and Commercial ratings
• Interactive, computer based instruction and testing
• Flight training in top of the line Cessna aircraft, including the 172 Skyhawk, the world’s most popular flight training aircraft
• Clean, quiet study areas and classrooms
• Basic ATD Simulator by ASA (expanded FAA allowable training capabilities over PC/ATD’s)

We Are a Cessna Pilot Center

Additionally, as a Cessna Pilot Center, we are supported by Cessna, the world’s largest manufacturer of flight training aircraft. More people have trained in Cessna aircraft than any other. Most important, you’ll find out that flying is FUN, and rewarding. And, you’ll love the customer service and warm hospitable atmosphere at Alpha Pilot Academy. We love flying, and we want to pass that on to you. In addition, Alpha Pilot Academy can provide you the full range of training and ratings, including: ATP and CFI / CFII


12901 W 151st Street Suite B
Olathe, KS 66062