From our Line Service to Front Desk Staff, we are dedicated to providing you the highest level of customer service – whether it’s fueling, storing your aircraft, or assisting with your other travel needs. If you’re visiting us for business meetings or on a personal trip, we’re here to help you – from fast and efficient fueling to overnight tie-down or hangar, to car rental or limousine, hotel or dinner reservations – anything you need. Need a conference room for a quick meeting? Call us and we’ll arrange for ours to be available for you! We can also arrange for catering for your next leg.

Need a quick turn? Call us inbound and we’ll have you ready to roll, in the time it takes you to stretch your legs and have a cup of coffee. 
Pilots can relax, watch TV, or work in a comfortable lounge. And they can review a state-of-the-art weather display when it’s time to flight plan the next leg. If there is a squawk on your aircraft, our maintenance shop can take care of it, while you take care of business.

Line & Customer Service 

Experienced, Professional, and Courteous


12901 W 151st Street Suite B
Olathe, KS 66062